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Wales Public Access Concert

futurewaleson5 September 3rd, 2011 ~ Live Performace by:

Dillons Band Stand

outwaleson5 July 29th, 2011 ~ Special Guests: 8-0-8

1st Annual Summer Concert

futurewaleson5 July 17, 2011 ~ Performaces By:
Tom Turcotte ~ Kit Randall
Karria Kibbe ~ Joanne Higgins

Awards Ceremony
Home Grown Heros

outwaleson5 March 5th, 2010 ~ Special Guests:
William G. Gregoire
George Vreeland

Lynne Sorrenho

bullywaleson5 January 8, 2010 ~ Special Guest:
Joe Wojcik

Place marker, Future Show

outWaleson5 Special Guests:

Place marker, Future Show

outwaleson5 Special Guests:

Place Marker, Future Show

outwaleson5 Special Guest:

Place marker, Future Show

outWaleson5 Special Guests:
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